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Victoria or the capital of Seychelles is an extremely beautiful city and is actually located on Mahe island. Owing to the small size of Victoria, the people live in closely knit societies where no one is a stranger. All the people living in Victoria are familiar with one another. The ancestry of Victoria, is pretty old, dating back to the year, 1778 when the original settlers were the French. However the name of this city has not been derived from any French personality, but none other than Queen Victoria. Victoria is reputed to be a town where most of the settlements are villages. It is amazing to know that Victoria is one tiniest capital cities present in the world.

Attractions of Victoria
The streets in Victoria has been reconstructed for more than 20 years, lending the place a very modern and neat look. The very old colonial shops and houses in the heart of Victoria, lend the city an historical touch. The city center has a few highlights like the clock tower, that bears a close resemblance to the Little Ben, that is famous in London, close to the court house. The National History Museum in Victoria, is a good place to learn about Seychelles and its beautiful marine life. The spectacular Capuchin House, Roman Catholic and Anglican cathedrals are sure to catch the eyes of all visitors. The early mornings in Victoria buzz with a lot of life and noise in the markets where rows of spices, fish and tropical fruits await eager customers. It can be said that Victoria is the most important of all Seychelles cities.