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L'Esperance is one of the smaller cities of Seychelles which is located some where to the south west part of the country. Seychelles is itself one of the tiniest island nations in the world with a population count of less than 1,00,000. The geographical coordinates of the city of L'Esperance corresponds to -4.717 latitude and 55.483 longitude. If converted according the international standard time, the Latitude comes to -4 43' 00'' and longitude to 55 29' 00''. This small city is indeed a picturesque tourist attraction.

    * Anse Royale: This is the longest beach in Mahe and this place is known well for its safe beach which draws thousands of tourists.
    * Anse Boileu: This sightseeing destinations lie at a short drive away from the the town of L' Esperance. The main attraction of the region is the country side nature and the view of the Indian Ocean. The forests in this part is comparatively undamaged. Visitors can expect a romantic getaway if planning for an ideal weekend spot.

Transportation by air is not yet available to or from L'Esperance. The surrounding cities easily accessible from L'Esperance include Port Glaud to the west, Anse Royal to the east, Takamaka to the south and Cascade and Misere to the north.