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Takamaka is one of the most beautiful cities of Seychelles and proves to be an important tourist attraction of this island country. The tourists who visit this city are simply moved by the natural beauty of this city.
Important Facts about Takamaka
Takamaka is situated on the Mahe Island, which is one of the largest islands of Seychelles. Takamaka lies in between 4° 46' 0S and 55° 30' 0E. The time zone of Takamaka is UTC+4. This important Seychelles city lies at an altitude of 3 feet. The total population of Takamaka is calculated to be 16145 approximately.
Importance of Takamaka
Takamaka is one of the important places to visit in Seychelles. There are a number of other important Seychelles Cities that lies close to Takamaka. For example, Anse Royale, La Reunion, Anse Boileau, Lotsohina, Port Sainte Rita, Ankinirambe and L’Esperance are some of the cities that lie near Takamaka. An important fact about Takamaka is that it is well connected to the rest of Seychelles with efficient and quick communication system. Again, the two important airports of Seychelles, Praslin Airport and the Seychelles International Airport are situated within convenient distance from Takamaka.
Hotels in Takamaka
Since Takamaka is one of the important Seychelles Cities, there are a number of important and popular hotels here, which provide the lodgers with the best accommodation facilities. Takamaka Residence Hotel is one of the most popular hotels of Takamaka.