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La Misere is among the smaller cities of Seychelles, an island country that overlooks the Indian ocean and though apart of Africa, does not belong to the main continent. The geographic coordinates of the La Misere region corresponds to latitude -4.66667 and 55.46667 longitude. The conversion results to -4d -40m 0s latitude and 55d 28m 0s longitude. This beautiful city stands at a an altitude of 1856 feet and 565 meters. The time zone of La Misere as well as Seychelles is UTC+4. The nearest cities and towns accessible from La Misere are Port Glaud to the west, Cascade to the east, Victorita to the north, Anse Boileau and L' Esperance to the southern part of the city of La Misere, Seychelles.

The city population of Seychelles are fewer than those covered by the villages and outskirts. Victoria is the largest city with a population of around 25,000. the rest of the cities do not cross a population count of 5000.