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Cascade is a wonderful city of Seychelles and is situated on the breathtaking Mahe Island. Cascade is one of the must visit Seychelles Cities and is located amidst the beauty of nature.

Important Facts about Cascade
Cascade is situated on 4?40 South and 55 ?30 East of the equator. The total area of this important city of Seychelles is estimated to be 455km2. The total estimated population of Cascade is about 81, 541. Some of the other important cities of Seychelles, which are located near Cascade, are Misere, which is situated on the west of Cascade and Victoria, which lies on the north. Cities located on the south of Cascade are L’Esperance, Anse Royale, and Anse Boileau. On the east of the city lies La Reunion.

Importance of Cascade
Cascade is considered to be an important tourist destination of Seychelles because it is easier to travel to many important attractions of this country, which are situated on the Mahe Island. Cascade is also well connected to the other important parts of the country through good communication system. Praslin Airport and the Seychelles International Airports are located within convenient distance from Cascade. Thus, it can be concluded that Cascade is undoubtedly one of the most important Seychelles Cities.